Quick question for y’all….How do you usually find out what’s going on during the weekend? That’s probably an easy one: you search the Internet or Facebook groups of your city. What if you are traveling and have some free time in the city? Ask people for recommendations or listen to the radio? But, what if you could download one app which gives you real-time notifications of local events? I think Kompass Events has the answer to owning the nightlife.


The Startup Inspiration

I’ve always had a passion to start my own company. Little did I know that passion would meet action when I moved to Detroit, Michigan years ago. I didn’t know ANYONE there and it was tough to get tapped into the social scene of the city. That’s when the idea of Kompass Events was born.

Despite many offerings in events management, there was no dominant player in the events discovery and engagement space. People found out about the events in the Facebook groups or on the radio, and missed a lot. I saw a whitespace opportunity and developed a solution. 

Every night hundreds of events are going on and most of us don’t even know it! From pop-up concerts with celebrity sightings to movie screenings. If you’re not “plugged in” then you miss out. I’m sorry but I don’t accept that. Everybody should have the chance to share in these experiences; not just a select few. It’s good for local businesses as it expands their reach to more potential customers and it opens other people up to new vibes and good times.  


Kompass Mission and Innovative Technology

Kompass Events’ biggest goal is to eradicate the “fear of missing out” by introducing a platform to explore, discover, and share what’s going on near you. We partner with local event owners, post their events in our app, and our users can then claim a tickets to that event. Users can further engage by rating the event, posting their experiences and chatting in the events’ group chat channel.

Kompass is all about experiences. Sharing the experiences for the masses is why we also partner with users who have their finger on the pulse of the local events scene. We feature them on our event blog “What’s The Move?”, a dedicated space for those who frequent cool events to share the experience of those events from their perspective.

Kompass is a perfect tool for event management: through our “Kompass Kompanion” program, event owners can amplify exposure for their events, drive additional attendance, and receive reports after the event has ended, highlighting key performance metrics and demographics. It’s a win-win.


Kompass Events – The Future of Experiences

No longer do you have to use hashtags to see what happened last night or ask people for recommendations anymore. The future is here. The future is now. The future is Kompass. With one membership, you can easily find out what’s the move, grab your ticket, and you’re done!

The new Kompass Events app will be available soon on both Google Play and Apple stores. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay in the loop for our launch!



ig & twitter: @goodfella_ko11