What’s up fam? I’m M.J. and I am the VP of Kommunity Affairs for Kompass Events. I often go to many events throughout the city of Atlanta. However, at times it can get frustrating standing in lines, waiting for the event coordinators to scroll the list, then check for your name. and FINALLY gain entry. I am what you would call a “Social Influencer” or  better yet a “Connoisseur of Spectacular Events”. More recently, I had the pleasure of attending an event sponsored by BET.  The vibes were epic…..and so were the lines to gain entry. Multiple lines were wrapped around the building and it became a daunting task to get in which led me to think….

As VP of Kommunity Affairs at Kompass, I often wonder how Kompass can ease the process of check-in at many events. Here is what I came up with: upon check-in Kompass attendees will have their own separate line at the venue. With the Kompass App already downloaded that includes their “exclusive” pass they can tap the check-in icon and get accelerated entry into the event. Quick and easy!

Can’t wait for the new Kompass Events app to drop. Until then, follow me around the scene!


VP of Kommunity Affairs

ig: @mjonthescene